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      Flavor Without Feathers

      Flavor Without Feathers by Author Michael McGarrey

      Flavor Without Feathers by Author Michael McGarrey

      Flavor Without Feathers

      Snickerdoodle and French Vanilla

      As Americans, we have an almost love affair with coffee. Some of us want it sweet, like cake in a cup, while others prefer it harsh and bold. In a following article, I will talk about how America came to love coffee, and my love for coffee is almost adulterous. 

      I think I began drinking coffee at the age of seven. My mother and father never had hot cocoa in the house, so I always got cream with a bit of coffee in it. To this day, I blame that for my short stature. But side-stepping that digression, I became a connoisseur of coffee through the 30 plus years that followed. I claim to be a connoisseur of coffee because I almost always drink it, as an old friend would say, “without feathers,” and through a series of trying times, specifically while in the Army, have often sought solace in a warm cup of coffee.

      These days the only thing in my coffee is cream or whiskey, sometimes both, and a hard stare at what the day may have in store. Flavored coffee is seldom my thing, and I have never been a believer in CBD oil, but Soldier Girl Coffee has changed my opinion. I have now tried all of Carrie’s coffee selections and must say I rarely leave a drop in the pot. 

      With this coffee, there’s little sense in K-cups; you might as well make a pot because one cup just won’t be enough.

      So let’s break it down. When it comes to coffee, only one thing really matters, flavor!

      Let me explain my thoughts. 


      When it comes to coffee, many people drink it but need to add five sugars, two creams, cinnamon, chocolate, and a myriad of other things to get the taste they seek. At what point does coffee stop being coffee and become a hot soda drink. 

      Good coffee should only need a heat source, filter, water, a cup, and maybe a spot of whiskey because who doesn’t feel Irish sometimes. If you have to add things to your coffee, then you haven’t found the proper coffee. Am I saying that Soldier Girl Coffee is the right coffee for everyone? Of course not. However, both Snickerdoodle and French Vanilla don’t require any extra steps when it comes to flavor. In fact both are perfect for that little touch of whiskey; not that I have tested the mixture. 

      I’ll explain further...


      I’ll admit when I ordered Snickerdoodle, it wasn’t for me. My significant other likes coffee, sort of, but loves cinnamon, so I thought, what the hell, let’s give this a shot. Much to my surprise, she poured a cup, took a sip, and it was so delightful to her particular pallet that she never thought to reach in the fridge for cream or in the cabinet for sugar. In fact, it was only when she had to pour another cup that she realized she loved the coffee. 

      “Holy crap,” she surprisingly stated, “this is some great shit!” 

      “I know, “ I agreed, “I was worried it would be too cinnamony if that’s a word, but it’s not.” 

      I walked her out to her car, and she said with a kiss, “If I got a bag of this for our anniversary to take to work, that would be okay.” She gave me a wink knowing I struggle with gift ideas. 

      I will be taking the bailout because I am at a loss about what else to get her. Of course, I’ll get her flowers too.

      French Vanilla

      French Vanilla was a recommendation from Carrie herself. We were talking about the upcoming Veterans’ Social Summit when she asked me to give the flavor a chance, knowing my sensitivity to sweets when it comes to coffee. 

      “I don’t know? “ I stammered over the phone, “Not a big fan of sweet coffee.”

      “Just try it! Would I offer you something that isn’t good?” Carrie said. 

      “Yes!” I replied, fully knowing that’s exactly the kind of friend she is.  

      I did obviously try it and, like the Snickerdoodle, was happily amazed. It wasn’t sweet like I feared. The smell is of French Vanilla, but the taste has a smooth boldness. Like a good cigar, the aroma awakens your nose, but the pull is exactly what you were craving.

      Last Sip

      So if you are like me and struggle with the idea of flavored coffee, take a little advice from a coffee purist. TRY IT! I truly believe if you give Soldier Girl Coffee, especially French Vanilla and Snickerdoodle, the opportunity, it’ll prove to be the perfect blend of flavor that doesn’t lose the boldness coffee is supposed to have.